Tuesday, 23 August 2011

polish perfection {Part 1}

Okay, so everyone has that thing truly inspired beauty obsession. There's always that little detail or aspect of the fashion world that really, truly got them hooked. For some it was shoes, for others, lipstick. Let's be honest, we are all victims. For me, it was nail polish. I'm not ashamed to say I have a horrifically large collection, there's just something about those perfectly cute little bottles all decked out in a colour co-ordinated row that just brings out the obsessor in me. I can't say no. I've decided I need to share my love with the rest of you guys, so here is Part 1 of who knows how many posts dedicated to my top picks, the best-in-show that the polish world has to offer. Enjoy your ogling! 

{from left to right - Essie Pop Art Pink - China Glaze Flyin' High - OPI Flower to Flower}

1. Essie's Pop Art Pink is the most perfect, cool toned baby pink that looks so soft on the nails and perfect for a neutral but pretty look.
2. China Glaze's Flyin' High is a spunky bright, staple pink. Everyone should have that one, true barbie pink polish for that feeling-good day, and this is mine. 
3. OPI's flower to flower is a deceiving little thing, looks like any other pink in the bottle but is stunning on the nail. It has little shimmering silver sparkles that light up beautifully in the sunlight. Probably my most worn pink.

{from left to right - Essie Russian Roulette - Essie Geranium - Essie Limited Addiction}

1. Essie's Russian Roulette is the classic example of why Essie became famous. No one does reds better, and this is no exception, the perfect bright red for those sexy days when you want to stand out. 
2. Essie's Geranium is my favourite red of all time, simple as that. A brilliant bright orange-red, and perfect for that retro look and to brighten up your week.
3. Essie's Limited Addiction is sultry and suggestive, and a rich blood red that is gorgeous in winter. I love this colour so much and it glides on like butter.

{from left to right - Essie California Coral - Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral - Essie Tart Deco}

1. Essie's California Coral should be in everyone's collection. It suits almost every skin tone and is the colour I reach for when I don't know what I want. 
2. Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral is what many consider the perfect coral, not too orange, not too pink. In any case, the formula is sublime. 
3. Essie's Tart Deco is.....I can't even describe. The Ultimate Perfection. Without a doubt my favourite and most worn polish to date.

What is your fashion obsession? Are you a nail polish nerd like me? Any amazing colours you think I have missed? 

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