Thursday, 8 September 2011

what's in my bag

Just because everyone and their mother has done a what's in my bag post/video, thought i'd jump on that bagwagon. *Various wrappers/old reciepts/empty gum packets/bits of fluff and one half drunk diet coke were removed for your viewing pleasure and my embarrassment.

{from left to right}- Forever New bag - The Body Shop Shea body butter - Essie Turquoise and Caicos & Haute as Hello - MAC Studio Finish concealer - MAC MSF Natural - MAC Ever Hip lipstick - Forever New Sunglasses - Rexona Girl Dance - 

smiles and feathers

Got a surprise for you guys! Got my cameras back (finally) so am able to take shots and be a little more interesting with posts now. 

Bad news, have not yet mastered self timer so until then, shots will be ones I can easily take myself. Here are a few things I have been loving lately:

Current eye combination i'm loving for the start of spring. (Tip: For a more daring look, add just a touch of MAC Coppering to the crease and blend into the outer V)

{On the eyes: Inner lid - MAC All that Glitters, Outer lid & crease - MAC Expensive pink, Highlight - MAC Ricepaper }

Running out of space to fit all my wedges and clogs, but can't wait to use that dusty pink pair for a springtime brunch.

To save space and time finding my essentials in the morning, I have an easy reach acrylic holder for all my most used products, and where would I be without my Mac palettes??

I am a feather girl through and through. This is one of a few feathered hair accessories I own, it instantly adds something if i'm having a lazy second-day-of-straightened-but-too-lazy-to-wash moment. 

Any simple things brightening up your day today?