Thursday, 8 September 2011

smiles and feathers

Got a surprise for you guys! Got my cameras back (finally) so am able to take shots and be a little more interesting with posts now. 

Bad news, have not yet mastered self timer so until then, shots will be ones I can easily take myself. Here are a few things I have been loving lately:

Current eye combination i'm loving for the start of spring. (Tip: For a more daring look, add just a touch of MAC Coppering to the crease and blend into the outer V)

{On the eyes: Inner lid - MAC All that Glitters, Outer lid & crease - MAC Expensive pink, Highlight - MAC Ricepaper }

Running out of space to fit all my wedges and clogs, but can't wait to use that dusty pink pair for a springtime brunch.

To save space and time finding my essentials in the morning, I have an easy reach acrylic holder for all my most used products, and where would I be without my Mac palettes??

I am a feather girl through and through. This is one of a few feathered hair accessories I own, it instantly adds something if i'm having a lazy second-day-of-straightened-but-too-lazy-to-wash moment. 

Any simple things brightening up your day today?


  1. hi girll

    Great stuff...
    Maybe we can follow each other...

    Bye Bye,,,

  2. Love the pictures..especially the feather ones. Good close up!

    Heel in Mint